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We provide Herbal & Odorless Chemical Treatment. Trusted Pest Control Service in Pune. Over 5000+ Happy Clients.


We provide pest control services for the residential & commercial sectors. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is also available for all our services. Pricing may differ as per area to be treated and the severity of infestation of the pest. 

Cockroaches Control

Not sure how to get rid of cockroaches? You are not alone. Besides roaches are one of the most common insects on earth. Herbal & Chemical Treatment can be done to control roaches.

Bedbugs Pest Control Pune

Bedbugs Control

Treating bed bugs is complicated. It can take weeks to months, depending on the type and severity of the infestation. You can hire a professional pest control operator to control bedbugs.

Termites Control

They mainly feed on wood, but also damage paper, books, and fittings. Rarely they come out of the ground, mud tubes, or food
sources, instead of tunneling. Proper inspection is needed.

Rats Pest Control Pune

Rats Control

Rat & Mice cause the most damage. As rat’s teeth continue to grow, they need to chew on heavy objects
such as lead and plastic pipes, fittings, and electrical connectors.

Lizards Pest Control Pune

Lizards Control

Lizards are unpleasant and ugly in appearance, but they eat small insects in your home and control their spread. We can avoid enter of lizards inside your home by biological control method.

Mosquitoes Pest Control Pune

Mosquitoes Control

Mosquitoes can breed in any stagnant water, but they are most attracted to stagnant water that contains a large amount of organic matter. Mosquitoes can be controlled in residential and even commercial places.

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