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Not sure how to get rid of cockroaches? You are not alone. Besides roaches are one of the most common insects on earth. Therefore cockroaches control is a process of pest management.

Especially they are problematic when it comes to food preparation and sanitation. Furthermore, they are fearful and embarrassing to many people for their presence. Generally cockroaches contaminate food, kitchen utensils, and other household items. On the other hand, roaches leave behind an unpleasant odor.

Because roaches move freely from dirt to food, they can transmit bacteria that are food poisoning and other diseases. Commonly roaches appear in moist and unhygienic places. However allergens produced by cockroach can cause congestion, watery eyes, and life-threatening bronchial (asthma) symptoms too.


Generally roaches enter buildings in a variety of ways such as drainage, on the clothes of visitors and from surrounding. Besides German cockroach is usually presented in bags full of food, drink boxes, and furniture. Similarly, species such as the American and Oriental cockroach also penetrate through the spaces between windows, doors and walkways. Whereas in houses with various rooms such as bedrooms, roaches also run between units through a common wall, and ceiling. Therefore, even clean homes can be attacked by them.


Moreover there are many other preventative measures and, such as daily cleaning of the kitchen, filling of cracks in the wall, and avoid waste collection. But if all of this does not work for you, you can hire a pest control specialist like Sonawane Pest Control to solve your problem.        

Additionally cockroaches control is a type of pest control service. Moreover we provide herbal treatment for cockroaches which 100% effective for residential and commercial customers. Along with this treatment, we provide general spray which is free of cost. For Pest Control Service in Pune, Call Now +91 9226432763 

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