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During Monsoon showers, it is the time for newborn baby Lizards to show up crawling on the floor, walls, and around your house. Don’t let these repulsive Pests scare your loved ones
Majority of calls we receive these days in our Pune office concern the sudden increase in the number of lizards at homes. We all know that lizards help in keeping our homes Pest free, but we still don’t relish their sight in our homes. We all make efforts to keep our house lizard free.
So here we try to list some measures which can help us keep our homes Lizards-free.
  • Keep your house and its surroundings clean. An unclean house attracts all sorts of Insects including lizards by providing them food and shelter.
  • Keep a clear gap between walls and furniture for regular cleaning and denying any hiding places to lizards. Any hanging picture must be tightly flushed against the walls so that no gap is left between the wall and pictures.
  • Fix any moisture source present in the house.
  • Seal the openings between wall and wood or between Wood and floor with the help of sealants.
  • Screens all the windows so that no gap is allowed from where lizards can access your house.
  • If crack or opening between wall floor junction or wall wood junction must be repaired properly to prevent their entry.
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